WGP Maintenance Ltd specialise in fire stopping. WGP Maintenance Ltd has been certified for fire door installation and maintenance for all types of fire doors and fire stopping under the Q-Mark scheme, operated by BM TRADA, one of the UK’s foremost certification bodies with over 35 years’ experience and accredited by UKAS since 1991.


WGP Maintenance Ltd understands that when procuring complex products such as fire doors or high performance windows and door sets, where performance is critical, our clients need to feel confident that the product will perform to the standards they require.  They can achieve this by specifying that both the manufacturer and installer have independent third party certification.


BM TRADA Q- Mark is a quality mark awarded to a manufacturer or installer of a product or range of products, identifying the product as having been assessed against specified performance levels through independent accredited tests.


BM TRADA Q-Mark is the third party process of certifying that a manufacturer/installer has undergone an appropriate appraisal to confirm their compliance with the performance aspects of a specification for a particular product.  Third party certification is being increasingly specified by architects, contractors, local authorities and facilities managers, is a mandatory requirement for Secured by Design and it is also a preferred route for demonstrating performance of fire doors under Approved Document B of the Building Regulations.


To attain third party certification a manufacturer/installer has to undergo a rigorous audit and testing process, ensuring that they have in place documented product specifications and installation instructions, all of which integrate with an approved Quality Management Scheme such as ISO 9001.  Please visit www.exovabmtrada.com for further information on the BM TRADA Q-Mark scheme where you will also find us listed as a certified company.

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